3 Confidence-Building New Year’s Resolutions

As many of you know, I started personalspace to help my community build self-confidence through design because I believe that confidence is the key to dreaming, loving, and succeeding deeply. I am looking inward this New Year to create resolutions that will help me level up my confidence when servicing my clients and running my business.

And these can apply to you as well!

1. Choose a theme for the year and manifest it.

I do this every year. Last year, my intern at the time chose for me - realize your greatness. I was going through a rebrand and growing rapidly and feeling a bit, well, overwhelmed. Her faith in my greatness and my future greatness was what I needed in the coming year. I wrote it on my whiteboard, commissioned an illustration for my computer background, and thought about the phrase during “thinking time” (more to come on this).

My 2019 theme comes from the instagram poet r.h. Sin. As more experiences comes my way, I am compelled to share more of myself and my resources. So here it is. What’s your 2019 theme?

2. Set aside office space for “thinking time.”

Since moving into my new studio at the Bok Building last month, I have materials that need organization, comfy corners to create, and wall treatments to hang. It can all be very overwhelming! But I have one thing I need to do first - create a space for “thinking time.”

I listened to this podcast a bit ago and there is a section on setting time aside just to think. Our originality comes from ideas but what really sets us apart is thinking through those ideas, validating them, and planning their execution. That requires consistent focused thought.

Creating a space and blocking a meeting with yourself for “thinking time” ensures that your ideas come to the top of mind (and don’t flutter away), get fleshed out, and get tested. Thinking time gives your ideas a chance to build some energy and move from an idea, to a concept, to a plan.

3. Strive for a frictionless space.

This one is a bit more practical. I found that I was interrupting my creative process to flip on the many lamps in my office (lighting is so important) and waiting for my blue tooth speaker to connect and reconnect, then walking over to my computer to turn down the music when a client called. So much friction in my day interrupting my creative process. A gracious friend gifted me smart lightbulbs and a set of smart plugs. I have setup smart home systems for so many clients but I was reluctant to set them up for myself. Silly! Now I’m asking what more can I do with technology in 2019?

Technology can be amazing. It can create a space with less friction; less time spent interrupting your flow. I’ve learned the best tech solutions are different for everyone. What’s right for you? How can technology support your space goals?

So there it is. My three resolutions that I KNOW I can and will stick with because they are not a set of rules or to-do lists. These resolutions impact my quality of life, confidence, space, and the people that are important to me.

2019 will be a romantic, bustling, intriguing, and colorful year for us all. I can’t wait to take the journey with you.

Happy New Year!

Nelly Arnold