Hearts in the Snow…Expressing Love Through Space

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Bigfork, Montana; where my mother met and started her life with her husband. Situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Bigfork sees a lot of snow in February. On Valentine’s Day so many years ago, my mother woke up to white blankets of snow interrupted by splashes of drawn red hearts. Her husband had taken a coffee can, punched out the bottom, filled it with red food coloring, and drew giant hearts in the early morning hours. It was a tender expression of his love and to this day she still speaks of it.

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to boldly express your love. But how? My mother’s husband used SPACE to show his affection. With a little imagination, creativity, and the five languages of love, we can show the people we love how much they mean to us using our space.

Five Languages of Love:

  • words of affirmation

  • quality time

  • gifts

  • acts of service

  • loving touch

(want to know your love language? take the quiz here)

Words of affirmation


Verbal expressions can be a challenge for some. Why not let the great poets do it for you? Buy a book of poetry for your home’s library and choose a place to read it with your loved one. How about setting up your stoop or backyard with flowers, a space heater, blanket, and bottle of champagne? There are so many poets to choose from, but Rumi is one of my favorites.

Quality time


You’ll be amazed at how many heart shapes pop up in the city . Take a walk with your loved one and look for all those heart shapes. They’ll be popping up everywhere. Take photos along your walk and get them printed and framed for your bedroom. The memory of the time spent together will live on through art on your walls.



Cake toppers don’t have to just be for weddings! One of my studio neighbors, Val Scarfone, crafts detailed and sweet custom cake toppers for couples (and their pets). Make a cake and place this sweet cake topper on top. Afterward, display on your bookshelf as a reminder of your love.

Acts of Service


Actions speak louder than words to some. Your loved one may really appreciate some household tasks done such as mowing, cooking, and laundry. You may see these actions as mere duties, but what if they are ways of showing love? Send them out for a massage, shopping session, or manicure and surprise them with a honey-do list that is completely crossed out when they get home. Bed made, laundry folded, dinner ready.

Loving Touch


What better way to celebrate love and togetherness than a night at home with a few of the most romantic movies? Get a new blanket - cashmere maybe? - to cuddle under as well as some fancy popcorn. Remember the line, "We'll always have Paris,” from Casablanca? What a great romance that was!

February is the perfect time to explore the languages of love with our partners, lovers, friends or children. Just like hearts in the snow, learning to love takes patience and creativity. This year, free your passions, ignite your purpose, take a chance, and let your individuality meet your loved one’s soul. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at personal | space.

Nelly Arnold is the owner of personalspace. She coaches clients to build self-confidence through the power of interior design.

Nelly Arnold