Where the Creators Create

There are so many to-dos on a business owners list - take photos for social media, write blog post, return client emails, project plan…the list goes on. One of the most important “to-dos” on my list is creating a workspace that inspires and motivates me to generate an endless amount of unique creative ideas for my clients. We recently relocated to another office in The Bok and are excited to share where we dream and toil.

One of Nelly’s favorite areas is the Client Lounge and Inspiration Library. Here, we have collected our favorite magazines, publications, and books that clients use to communicate inspiration images and objects for their projects. A comfy conversational grouping complete with a record player sets the mood for kick off meetings and confabs about design.

We are so fortunate to have found the creative community at The Bok. Whether it is another interior designer, jewelry maker, furniture maker, or BBQ master, it is a group of people that understand the triumphs and tribulations involved in the life of a creative entrepreneur.

Nelly Arnold