Patriotic Interiors Just in Time for the 4th

“MiniConcepts” are a critical part in the personal space process. It is the step between inspiration images our client provides us and the final concept our client is presented with. We recently worked with a client who loves politics and Washington, DC. What a fun challenge to transform these two loves in a livable interior concept!

Below is a glimpse of each of the miniconcepts and the final concept for the space. Many clients just hire us for the concept phase and do the shopping themselves. It is a fun, easy, and more affordable way to get on the same page about your home’s style and work with an interior designer. To learn more about our Concept-Only Service, reach out to me directly at and we’ll explore the possibilities!

MiniConcept One


MiniConcept Two


MiniConcept Two


Final Concept

final concept.jpg

Nelly Arnold is the owner of personalspace. She coaches clients to build self-confidence through the power of interior design. To discuss your home project, contact her at

Nelly Arnold