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How We Give

What does your home mean to you? Is it your sanctuary? A safe space to dream; to recharge? Unfortunately, many in Philadelphia do not have a space to call home and if they do, it is completely empty and void of simple appointments like a mattress to sleep or table to eat a meal. 

For this reason, personal | space donates over 200 hours a year to the Philadelphia Furniture Bank helping clients choose furniture that fits their space and taste. PFB collects gently used furniture from the public, stores it in their warehouse, and provides it to individuals and families in crisis. From homelessness to domestic violence, clients come to PFB for all furniture necessities such as dressers, sofas, coffee tables, beds, and other items. 

personal | space chooses to devote significant time and energy to PFB because we believe that everyone deserves to answer the question, "What does your home mean to you?" If you'd like to learn more about the Philadelphia Furniture Bank, donate, or volunteer, please visit their website pathwaystohousingpa.org/furniture.