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personal space is a consulting firm that believes that how people live, what people use, and what people wear directly impact one’s self-confidence and individuality. We believe design is where material meets soul.

Founded in 2014, our intimate coaching-type relationship for both commercial and residential clients affords us the luxury to create solutions that are truly trend-forward and speak directly to the client’s goals.

personal space builds self-confidence and individuality through the power of design. Learn more about us here.


“May design serve as a source of confidence.”

Nelly g. Arnold  |  Founder


our founder

Nelly Arnold, IFDA founded personal space to help clients build self-confidence through the power of design. 

A common thread in her past at Urban Outfitters, DiscoverPHL, and other companies is the energy and mentorship she brought to the projects and people around her. Her experience in interior design and fashion sparked a realization that much of success depends on one’s self-confidence and the tools used to build that self-confidence.


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