Interior Design

As a full service interior decorating firm we can help you create a living space that fits your lifestyle and fuels your confidence. From managing full-scale renovations to simply selecting paint colors, our team is there for you every step to help projects run smoothly and turn out beautifully. Our straightforward process ensures that our work together creates a unique home that fosters confidence. 

Process includes goal planning, concept creation, budget, space planning, finish board, furniture selections, ordering, installation, and styling.


Finishing Touches

Share with us photos, dreams, and goals so we fully understand your style. Then, we'll present a refined collection of homewares that express your style fully and give you that cozy home feeling.


Style By the Hour

Need help getting a DIY project started? How about picking the perfect paint color for the nursery? Or maybe it is just having a little help rearranging the living room furniture. Style By the Hour is exactly that. You’ll work with a designer as long as you need them for whatever you need them for.


Product Development

So much of what we do is creating something fantastic completely from scratch. Our owner’s background in retail product development allows us to completely customize products for clients like wallpaper, tapestries, furniture, and more. Because of this experience, we work with brands and entrepreneurs to develop complete product lines from conception through order placement to delivery. We have worked on stationery, pillows, jewelry, and other home items. Reach out to us with your idea and we can make it a tangible product line.

Personal Styling

Our clients see the relationship between confidence, personal style, and home style. One of many unique characteristics of our staff is that they all have a retail background and have worked for major fashion brands as stylists and designers. We’re excited to offer personal styling as part of our service offering; making us an extremely unique design firm.


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